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WTM is an event directory that lets you know about the latest events, parties, happy hours, restaurants, and other social gatherings around the city. This app is your go-to source for all things fun in whatever city you’re in. You no longer have to scramble to find last minute birthday plans, entertain out-of-town guest or scroll endlessly for the next move. We have a selection that ranges from the hottest night clubs and day parties to small, intimate gatherings such as book clubs and art shows. WTM has everything you need to enjoy yourself. Now posting event s in NYC, The DMV, ATL & MIA!

How It Works!

The WhatsTheMoveApp is very Easy to use. The App is broken into 2 parts. The Movers Map and The Event Calendar.

The Mover Map

This feature allows you to find Moves right in your area. If you're looking for something specific, the tabs will help you narrow your search and find the perfect Move. This is especially useful when you're already outside and looking for Moves Close to you.

The Event Calendar

The Calendar feature allows you to see what events are coming up in the next few days, next few weeks, even next few months. You can always plan out your Moves by knowing what days they fall on. The emojis next top event names help you find exactly what you're looking for. (Example 🧇🥂 = Brunch)

More Moves

WTM is now active in New York, Atlanta, The DMV and Miami!

Sell Your Tickets With WTM!

WTM is now officially a ticket selling platform! We’re not just any ticket selling platform, we are the BEST ticket selling platform. Our goal is to ensure you get the biggest & quickest payout you can find. No more having to pay ridiculous processing fees or platforms taking an increasingly high percentage off of each ticket.

We only take $1.25 a ticket. Thats it.

We did our research and found the absolute lowest possible fee per ticket. No sneaky percentages that increase based on your ticket price or number of tickets sold, no transaction fees and no payout fees from us. We take our $1.25 and the rest is yours!

No ticket processing fees for you or your guest.

Other Platforms make most of their money by charging you and your guest fees for every transaction, resulting in your guest paying more money on top of the ticket price and you having to pay for each transaction. We've lowered that fee for guest and eliminated that fee for you.

We help promote your events on our platforms.

We want to earn our $1.25, so instead of just being a platform for you to upload your events and do all the work, we use our Social Media, Mobile app & Email Newsletter to spread the word about your event.

We provide instant/daily payouts Via Stripe.

By Partnering with Stripe, we are able to payout your money within 2 days. No more waiting days after the event to receive your money. You can either get paid every 2 days or let the profit build up and withdraw it whenever you want.

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Who We’ve Worked With!

“The most important thing, number one, is you gotta get rid of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing, it’s not gonna work and the way to do that is you have a plan.."
Nipsey Hussle