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Discover local Moves with ease, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Things To Do & More! Use tabs to refine your search, perfect for spontaneous plans when you're out and about.

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Browse events chronologically, from parties to brunches. Effortlessly find your next Move on-the-go.
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WTM is now active in New York, Atlanta, The DMV and Miami and will spread world wide soon

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WTM is also a ticket selling platform! In fact, we are the BEST ticket selling platform. We believe that if you sell tickets with us, we become partners and your event success is our success!

Low Commison

Only $1.25 per ticket, no hidden costs or percentages. We've minimized fees to ensure you maximize your earnings. The rest is all yours

No processing fee

While other platforms add fees for both hosts and guests, we've reduced costs for attendees and eliminated them for you. Experience fairness in pricing.

Free promote

Beyond being a platform, we promote your events through our social media, mobile app, and email newsletter. We work to justify our $1.25 fee.

Instant payout

Partnering with Stripe, we ensure you receive your funds within 2 days. Choose frequent payouts or accumulate and withdraw at will.

Who We Are

WTM was started by Taqee Bond to provide more diverse experiences for people who love to be outside. 

It started as a newsletter and evolved into a mobile app to make it easier to find events. Now, it is a ticket selling platform that aims to provide curators and promoters a better event ticketing service.

WTM does it’s research by spending time with curators, promoters, venues, brands, and DJs to help curate incredible social experiences. It specializes in making real-life connections with the people who empower nightlife and helping connect them to a market of people who are actually looking for things to do.

In simpler terms, WTM is a platform that helps people find events, restaurants and venues, Providing event organizers with a more personal service that makes them more money.

 We started off with goal of providing people with things to do. Now our goal is to provide great service and connect people to great experiences. 

Featured Events

Here are some events that are selling their tickets through WTM. Check them out and make a Move!

Featured Sellers

Spotlighting our top ticket vendors, renowned for exceptional events and outstanding service. Discover the best in the business!

The City is Ours

Some of the best events in the city. These parties are always full of good people and great vibes!

Hard or Soft Podcast

Looking for something to stimulate your mind and body? How about just your body? The sensual play parties thrown by HOS podcast are always a good time.

Cups n Convos

The biggest and best game night in the city! Cups n Convos is the perfect place to be a big kid. Think of Chuck E Cheese with drinks and hookah.

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