Cuero 8/19/2023

Saturday, August 19th 2023

Presentamos another edition of CueroNYC, by Geko Jones and Drip D’Vil @ SuciaNYC, an exploration into sex positivity for la comunidad latina. A word with many definitions, Cuero can mean the skin of our drums, or the sexually liberated mujer, being naked, and of course, the lather whips and lingerie that we envision for this kind of aventura.

In the various Orisha religions which include Santeria, Candomble, Vodoun and other Afro-diasporic traditions, lighting symbolizes the transformative and purifying powers of the Orishas. It is the energy that connects the divine to out lived human experience.

In this month’s performance, by Drip D’Vil and Amen’Ra, we specifically celebrate Oya and Sango – the Orisha’s associated with electricity. As the God of thunder and lightning, Shango (also known as Sango, Chango, and Xango) embodies the primal forces of nature, while Oya, the Goddess of winds and storms, commands the invisible currents that shape the world. Their relationship, like a dance of fire and wind, is a passionate expression of the union between heaven and earth, a reflection of the divine harmony that infuses all creation. Through their love and their stories, they teach us the importance of honoring our differences, respecting our passions, and celebrating the mysteries of life.

We will also be offering electro-play experience by Primal Chef. And as usual, Geko Jones will be alchemizing our energy through music.

Drip’s fashion suggestions: Focus on the electricity itself with a luminous outfit, or the storms and seas of change; or celebrate the harmony of opposites & transformation.

Our events are focusing on booking latinx performers, SWers (like impact, shibari artists etc) and if you have some sort of magic to contribute to an event, please write

Doors open at 10:00PM. Arrival before 11:30PM for the mandatory consent speech!

Ticket buyers enjoy open bar and horse d’oeuvres.

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn (address with ticket purchase)

As always, lead with compassion and kindness. Give yourself permission to try something new or hear a different perspective. And above all, experience the ancestral healing power of joining the tribe! We are an enthusiastic based community with zero tolerance for harmful behavior of any kind. 


Cuero 8/19/2023

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Date: August 19, 2023

Start time: 10:00 p.m. EDT

End time: 04:00 a.m. EDT

Venue: Address provided upon purchasing your tickets.


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