Cuero La Máscara 10/7

Saturday October 7th CueroNYC invites you to, “La Mascara”. Every morning, you walk out the door of your home and put on a mask of some sort to assimilate into the world. We each learn to wear a variety of them. The “work” mask, the friend mask, “good girl” mask, the “respectable brown person” mask. There are days we are tired of wearing a mask at all and want to just be ourselves. For this month’s masking ceremony, we welcome you to wear or create a mask that truly represents you. 


Our feature performer, Akil Apollo Davis (Theatre Professor & Performing Artist), has toured world wide as a performer and an educator, specifically on the subject and psychology of masks as part of the human experience. How we use them to hide emotions, play various roles, or project a desired image. 


We are also pleased to announce a special auditory delight performed by singer/songwriter Solange Pratt featuring El Beat del Primo. Two very improvisational NY talents that we are happy to have joining us for the night.  


Whether its your first time or your 9th, we ask that you please walk into the space knowing that Cuero is essentially a space for the latinx community to feel at home. Speak your broken spanish, two step to salsa or hip dip to bachata but please come with the intention of being a part of the sabor we are creating. Our aesthetic is that we were indigenous and polyamorous long before we were colonized and we are doing the work in this space to set ourselves free. 


Masks are powerful tools that have been created, carved, and used since humans could craft. It is no coincidence that we can use our invisible masks as a tool to navigate our day-to-day lives and relationships. Taking on different personas and wearing different masks is a natural human ability. The masks allow us.


Cuero La Máscara 10/7

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Date: October 07, 2023

Start time: 10:00 p.m. EDT

End time: 04:00 a.m. EDT

Coordinates: SuciaNYC

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